Kaya Köy

One of the places where Hotel Uniqe is architecturally inspired by is Kayaköy. A unique taste of architecture, historical heritage of centuries, and a bitter recent history.

A Ghost Town, whispering in your ears it’s bitter sweet story while you’re walking on the streets. With it’s history dating back to 3000 B.C, from Kayaköy, have been accessed to some sepulchres.

In the late stages of The Ottoman Empire, the Town had been resettled. The exchange of Greeks with Turks of Western Thrace, led to many discharged houses which their wooden parts and facades had been destructed by natural events. As a result, the Town looks abbandoned...

There are approximately 350-400 two storied buildings which are not greater than 50 m2, non obstructive in terms of landscape and light, consisting of an underground cistern and a pantry floor each. With it’s plenty of chapels, two grand churches, one school building and a customhouse, the town is worth seeing.