Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon)

When you leave Hotel Unique, you’ll find yoruself in a Dream World within 15 minutes. The moment you pass through a pine forest which promises a magical journey, you will see BlueLagoon; a feast for the eyes. Characteristic turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, embraces a long sandy beach, and Belceğiz bay welcomes you. The exitement it’ll give you, will be an experience of a lifetime.

This bay which is non-wavey and calm, as if it was trying to cheris a legend every season, which will become one of your unforgettable memories, was named “The Dead Sea”(Blue Lagoon) only because of these features. It is an immortal fariy tale.

Every single tone of blue, dark and light green, vast natural environment and a deep sky... Beaches, hot sands, The Sun with it’s different daily moods and colours leading you to perfect your skin colour...

Hotel Unique offers Daily Tours or transportation support for it’s guests who want to see The Blue Lagoon... Befor your forget; take your shnorkel, goggles and flippers with you. You’ll experience a quite visual experience.